Our Vision

Our mission is to introduce style, confidence, professional image, and creative fun to kids, teens, and young adults.  We support youth through the arts, as a way to improve understanding, self esteem, and introduce new ideas with artistic flair.  Social graces with proper etiquette, manners, and presentation with confidence, are classic lessons also offered.

Children who study the arts & music do better in school, and excel in math & critical thinking. Join us, and give the gift of success to our youth through performing arts and fine arts classes.

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David "Day" Farrell

A working actor, rapper, youth leader, and dad, Day is one of our most popular coaches, and teaches improvisation and film acting.

Stage Combat/ Swords and L.A.R.P. 

It's one of our most popular classes. Offered as a cardio PE class, prepare to fight with foam boffers, and add a skill to your resume.  Padded swords are used to teach safety, fair play, chivalry, and the ancient art of the sword.  Evaluations on Fridays, 6 pm, with Wayne. Wear closed shoes, bring water, and fight!

Additional park events TBA for Boffer Battles.

Lydia Cornell

From the sitcom Two Close 4 Comfort, and Curb your enthusiasm, she's a tv and film actor, and produces, too.  She was recognized with a lifetime achievement award in 2014. Lydia teaches boot camp for sitcom.


We focus on film and tv acting, with camera sessions for students.  Cold reading scripts, commercials, improvisation, & scene study are offered weekly, at the Academy.  Celebrity guests come on weekends, to give tips in our Actors' Boot camp intensive, for 3 hours.


Chris Cooke

He is a busy local actor, musician, producer/director who used our students in 2 short films, both nominated for awards on PBS!

Chris teaches Thursday night scene study for film and television actors.

Jennifer Taylor,  Actress/Model:

As Chelsea, on 2 1/2 Men, Jen is a very popular TV actress.  She has been in films & tv shows for 20+ years, and teaching for us since 2005. Learn tips on acting, commercials, & sitcom.  She does it all, as a model, actress, Miss Florida, and mother of 2. We love Jen.

Actors and Models mentor our students from Hollywood!

Celebrity instructors/Mentors

Kids on TV ages 4+

Our next-generation of kids are already preparing for acting roles and advertising campaigns, by learning audition skills.  Learn commercials, print, and scenes on camera.  Great for shy kids and outgoing performers, both. Learn confidence; presentation, and how to to pay for college with commercials!

Group class, or by private coaching sessions.                     

Owners Tonia Thompson-Crews and Wayne Crews have 30+ years in Hollywood, working in production, talent management, casting and talent. Both still do commercials, Wayne is a fencer, and works as a fight director, teaching sword-play and LARP (live action role play) classes. Tonia is a former print model, actor and talent manager, available to help you learn about the industry, should you choose to "Go Hollywood".

Modeling & Manners/Etiquette

Evening classes include etiquette/manners, runway, print, photo posing, makeup, skincare, posture, social graces, and presentation skills for life.  This class for ladies, is great for image, social skills, and confidence.  On-going, 24 weeks for teens 12+.

Starts every 6 months Feb, and August. Limit 12.